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The most fun you can have doing a Grade 1 ABRSM exam with your student!

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Complete access to the Whole Body Learning ABRSM 2021 Grade 1 Teaching Strategies

Everything you need to make learning fun for your students including all the Backing Tracks for pieces and quick study supplementary learning actvities.

35 Practice Buddy Tracks

You're going to love having access to 35 Backing Tracks and Off the Bench activity videos. You'll be amazed at how quickly your student learn from playing along with backing tracks.

Teaching videos

36 Teaching Videos

Short, step-by-step, easy to understand videos on how to teach each element of a piece in preparation for the exam. You won't believe how easy it is to teach like this when it is all done for you!

31 Studio Licensed Handouts

Break down reading with FASTTrack Skeletons, theory activity sheets, fun facts, QR codes with links to performances and information. All hmake elping to your job easier!

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Be amazed at how quickly students learn to read with FastTRACK Skeletons

Learning to read music can be difficult for some kids. Make learning easier by breaking the process down with FastTRACK Skeletons. Watch the video to see how we break down the Mozart Minuet in C from the Grade 1 syllabus.


What do teachers think of Whole Body Learning?

This workshop helped me hone the value of whole-body experiences through movement and voice to support instrumental learning. The importance of movement and vocalising, while exploring and playing with sound, are key elements to sequential learning.  The joy, security and skill that develops is transferred to ones instrument where specific skills are mastered and the musician is free to express themselves. - TRACEY BURTON

I highly recommend. I have already used some of the techniques acquired in this course with my students and they have all loved it and asked if we could do it again next week. - BIANCA VELLA

Full of fresh new approaches to inspire teachers to keep lessons relevant. - DI CRIDGE

Gave me a whole lot of ideas to work with but also let me experience why we need repetition and small chunks to learn a piece of music. :). - MARIE-LOUISE BETHUNE

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What do the academics think?

Dr Carol Richards

Education Lecturer & President of the International Association of Creative Music & Movement Education (IACMME)

In reviewing this course, it has obviously been written to assist students to pass their piano exams, it also ensures students develop skills towards becoming good musicians not just being able to play piano. It is based on the solid pedagogy of tried and tested approaches to music learning from Carl Orff, Zoltan Kodály and Dalcroze. It moves far beyond the ‘one-student in isolation’ struggling to learn to make music from a page of black dots to a young musician who plays along with exciting and musical backing tracks.

Making authentic music by playing along with an accompaniment is both motivational and beneficial for wholistic learning and the whole body learning (singing, dancing/moving, clapping) guarantees that aspects of the piece like the melody and rhythms are internalised before they are played.

As lesson stages contain many different activities, students are less likely to suffer from‘do it again or do it right” fatigue. Active listening is included as part of the course with activities to keep the student on track.

Encouraging students to sing melodies in solfa/solfege builds a solid ear for phrases, intervals, and chords. The Fast Track Skeleton is a brilliant way to prevent ‘overload’ when learning a piece by targeting on only a section of the piece while playing it with the backing track or the teacher.

There are many ways in which students can learn to be good musicians and good pianists. I believe teachers who do this training course and implement it with their students will find their students will practise and will want to come to the lessons because they are interesting, fun, and rewarding.

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