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The must have learning resource for your piano studio and your students practice room!

Make theory FUN!

Theory Fundamentals books by Gillian & Paul are real winners with teachers and students.

Want to get students to ace exam scales
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How piano teachers feel inspired and connected by joining us and watching Q+A...

"I've completely changed the way I teach"

Paul, since I watched one of your music/piano lessons with children, I have completely changed the way I teach piano. You both are an inspiration for me, and for a lot of piano teachers in the world. Thanks!

Maria Torres

"Feeling the connection with others is the highlight of my week"

I absolutely love the teacher resource kit and all the webinars. Listening to your webinars, feeling the connection with other like-minded music teachers, and the professional learning, is the highlight of my week.

Jennifer Comino

"made my teaching life so much more enjoyable and Supportive"

These webinars have made my teaching life during this strange time, so much more enjoyable and supportive.  I have gained much from the interactions of so many amazing people. Many Thanks

Sandy Dillon

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"THANK YOU . I love the variety of cute characters and positive statements. I will enjoy giving them to my students."

Leanne Sharp

"These flashcards look beautiful and I can't wait to use them with my students. You two are so generous with all the support, especially in the new online environment, you give teachers. It is much appreciated!"

Alison Cozadinos

"Thank you for your generosity in providing all these resources. It has been difficult teaching very young students online. The keyboards, manuscript and flash cards will help a great deal."

Kathryn Hill

We've made theory FUN with Theory Fundamentals!

These full colour theory books gamify learning theory. Online content adds an extra dimension and works well with todays tech savvy kids. Some books video lessons which takes the pressure off you. Kids love the quizzes they can play on their smart device!

See the Theory Fundamentals range now at Blackrock Music!


"Just wanted to say a big thank you for all you have both done to inform us about the conference over the last week.

I know this would have been considerable work for you both - but this was a very worthwhile initiative on your part."

Linda Frampton

Woman 1

"So many thoughts listening to this. Great improv ideas for during the lesson that get over some of the time constraints in teaching this skill and the classical repertoire. This actually reinforces the exam warhorses and more. Well done for presenting this for those of us... an inspiration."

Jean Trungove

Teacher Workshops, Interviews & Key note Presentations

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How piano teachers have found our workshops and webinars have transformed their teaching...

"Loved that I got to experience why we need to use small chunks to learn a piece"

Loved the workshop. Gave me a whole lot of ideas to work with but also let me experience why we need repetition and small chunks to learn a piece of music :)

Marie-Louise Bethune

"so helpful to think outside the traditional teaching methods"

I would absolutely recommend this workshop for piano teachers. It was so helpful to think outside the traditional teaching methods and involve all the senses whilst learning music. Applying Orff Schulwerk teaching methods to specific piano pieces was particularly helpful.

Kerrie Keun

"what an instant transformation of skill and knowledge"

Engaging workshop full of refreshing, practical and hands on musical experience - thoroughly enjoyed it and what an instant transformation of skill and knowledge!

Christy Ou

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