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Teaching Beginners with Whole Body Learning

With Paul Myatt and special guest expert, Nicola Cantan from Vibrant Music

STARTS:  Tuesday, 23rd January 2024 

"Best platform for the provision of effective, fun, and engaging group lessons!"

I have researched and visited many music schools/providers offering group lessons in the UK and I believe the Group Piano Program by Paul & Gillian is the best platform for the provision of effective, fun and engaging group lessons.

Not only it's long-established, but it has a wealth of material and knowledge at hand and a network of experienced teachers to help the group teacher deliver highly effective lessons to students. 

- Janet, Piano Teacher, UK

"This program is the thing I've been looking for a couple of years!"

This program is the thing I've been looking for a couple of years. I have realised that just adding more and more students to my studio for 1:1 lessons is the path to burnout without the level of income that should follow from so much effort.

I am convinced Paul & Gillian's Group Piano Training is the only programme that will get me on the path to teaching more, being a better teacher, and earning more money, while eliminating the "headless chicken" running around that comes with running a piano studio. Therefore I'm confident I can make the most of the business opportunity that the programme offers. 

- Joanne, Piano Teacher, UK

"The programs you have created are TOP NOTCH!"

I believe "Music is Vital to Life". I truly believe that Music lessons positively affect every aspect of life. The programs you have created are "top notch". They are a marvelous improvement to the classes that I taught 40+ years ago. I thought they were the best available at the time.

I believe in the programs that Paul & Gillian have developed and would very much like to be able to add them to my curriculum and phase out what I am currently offering.

- Patricia, Piano Teacher, USA

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