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Whole Body Learning

Multi-sensory Learning

Moving to learn

Working with backing tracks

Group Piano Teaching

Making theory fun

Loved the workshop!

"Loved the workshop. Gave me a whole lot of ideas to work with but also let me experience why we need repetition and small chunks to learn a piece of music :)"

Marie-Louise Bethune

An inspiration!

"So many thoughts listening to this. Great improved ideas for during the lesson that get over some of the time constraints in teaching this skill and the classical repertoire. This actually reinforces the exams warhorses and more. Well done for presenting this for those of us... an inspiration!"

Jean Trungove

Engaging workshop full of refreshing ideas!

"Engaging workshop full of refreshing, practical and hands-on musical experience - thoroughly enjoyed it and what an instant transformation of skill and knowledge!"

Christy Ou

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Theory FUNdamentals

A puzzle book approach to theory designed to have your students learning and writing theory without even realising it!

Power of Why

Paul and Gillian share their stories in these international bestsellers.

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