About Us

Gillian Erskine & Paul Myatt are best friends and co-founders of the global success story Forte School of Music which boasts over 7,000 students worldwide. They have trained literally hundreds of piano teachers across 7 countries over the years in Whole Body Learning, a philosophy that Gillian and Paul pioneered.

Gillian and Paul are pedagogical composers and publishers. Gillian has lead the writing teams for all 20 Forte course books, and many of the pieces included in the series are by Erskine/Myatt.

Paul is Director of Forte Teacher Education and was instrumental in developing training materials and courses. Paul has traveled extensively training and inspiring teachers around the world to make learning fun by using the interactive Whole Body Learning approach.

Both Gillian and Paul believe in “Making music fun!” and founded "The Studio" membership to provide piano teachers around the world with all the support and resources they need to engage and motivate students so they can attract, keep and teach more students and grow thriving piano studios.

Gillian and Paul are authors of best-selling easilearn FUNdamentals Theory series aimed at making theory fun and are well known in piano teaching circles for their popular online show Piano Teaching Success Q+A. 

Paul and Gillian's stories have been included in the international best-selling series "The Power of Why".