Show Notes

This week's episode has musical bananas - so much fun to had by students and their teacher! This is just one of the ways you can engage children in making music fun. It's even fun for teachers!

Dorla and Katie provide some great ideas to add to your studio so you can increase your earning potential through teaching groups even if you only teach individual lessons.

Even during COVID times, most of the ideas can be used in face to face and online lessons. Watch now!

Overview: Episode 20

Where you can find specific answers to your questions in this week's show. There were many deep dives into topics this week. (timings of the broadcast):

00:00 Welcome to our guests - Dorla Aparicio and Katie Poli.

01:00 Dorla Shows her studio space

02:00 Dorla goes into detail about group teaching - that it's more motivating for students to make music with their friends each week and it allows her to teach fewer hours in the week.

03:00 Dorla shares about what music and resources she uses with her students.

03:53 How did Dorla come to teach multi level group piano classes? Check out her website as well

04:50 A quick video overview of Dorla's Piano Pyramid

11:00 How can teachers use the Piano Pyramid? Benefits of group teaching?

11:55  How does playing in an ensemble benefit students?

14:50 Sneak peek of Paul's class with intermediate level students learning a Grade 4 piece. 

19:55: Why is it that some students progress faster in a class than in individual lesson, how does that happen?

23:21 Social Cohesion of a group and how it motivates children to come to lessons and develops independent learners.

23:50 How to incorporate group teaching into an individual studio.

25:30 Katie shares how to pool noodles can make a great resource in your studio

27:40 Individual lesson studio owner, Susan Head shares how she incorporates group lessons once or twice a term.

30:15 Building musical skills are easier in a group. Dorla & Katie share different experiences.

35:17 How do you teach technique in a group or class lesson. Yes, it can be done!

39:00 Get your studio ready for Christmas
42:02 Katie shares her children's picture book called Marvellous Mummy and her co-curricula arts ideas. Check her website outl

45:14 Dorla expands on cross-curriculum with Piano Camps which called Flip the Lid, Under the Sea and STEM - combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with piano - you won't want to miss the video of Dorla's students. Check out her website.
51:30 Getting kids to practice piano - some really novel ideas, including an incentive prize box and much more.

55:30 Performance ideas for children and having them ready to play at any time.

59:39 Next week's panel: Heather Smith, Christopher Norton and Elise Russell.
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