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Wed 19 May (USA/CAN) Thur 20 May (Everywhere Else)

Episode 28 of Piano Teaching Success featuring Gillian Erskine and Paul Myatt.
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Wed 4 February (USA/Canada)
Thur 5 February (Everywhere Else)

The Christmas Special

 Join Gillian Erskine and Paul Myatt in this week's episode of Q+A TV. They discuss how to have more engaging classes through Whole Body Learning Strategies in a masterclass format.

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Wed 4th Feb 2021 - UK & USA
Thurs 5th Feb 2021 - Oceania

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An online TV show where you get to ask the questions of the expert panel. Join us LIVE in the 100 seat virtual audience as we help piano teachers with ideas to make learning fun so that students practice and progress and keep on learning.

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such lovely feedback from teachers...

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Guests across this series...

Lydia Meem - Guest on PTS Q+A

Lydia Meem

Lydia is a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in helping families recognise the joys and overcome the challenges of autism by tailoring behavioural strategies to suit the needs of awesome quirky children and adolescents at home and at school. She conducts autism, developmental, cognitive, attention, adaptive, and reading assessments, and isn't afraid to assess kids without "test-taking skills". She provides counselling and strategies for adolescents, adults and couples on the autism spectrum. Lydia provides autism training for parents, teachers and allied health professionals and can consult with organisations. She also provides training for psychologists on behaviours to look for and write about in assessments, including signs of autism.

A Special Guest - PTS Q+A

Caryn Eastman

Caryn is a specialist classroom & instrumental music teacher based in a country town. As well as a host of music & teaching qualifications, she also holds a Post Grad Certificate in teaching students with special needs. Her experience in teaching children with learning difficulties has resulted in many referrals and now has a waiting list to join her very busy piano studio. With so much experience in teaching, Caryn now offers mentoring to teachers around the world who are interested in developing their skills in working with children with special needs and learning difficulties.

A Special Guest - PTS Q+A

Alison Simpson

Based in the UK, Alison is a specialist educator who assists teachers who are teaching students with dyslexia. As an adult, she discovered that she was dyslexic so she has had many years of personal experience before formally training in how to help kids with this issue.

Alison is a high school teacher and a lover of music being involved in the local choir in her village. Music is in her family and her husband is a piano teacher and runs Blackrock Music UK. She understands the difficulties children have in learning music and offers some great ideas for teachers to help their students.

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WHY we created Q+A...

The new generations of students and teachers usher in new technologies, pedagogies and inspirations.  These have an impact on our lifestyles, outlooks and dreams and of course, teaching piano. 

Q+A brings experienced teachers together to share their stories, ideas and expertise so that we may all discover new ideas and strategies to keep our students engaged and learning in the years ahead.


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WHY we created Q+A...

The world has been in crisis. There have been many changes to our lifestyle and of course, to teaching piano. We have all learned new ways of teaching. Q+A is striving to bring experienced teachers together to share ideas, information and stories so that you may find some new strategies to keep your students engaged and learning.

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Your Hosts:

Gillian Erskine & Paul Myatt

Gillian and Paul's panel of guests will:

  • Discuss, debate and answer your questions;
  • share their experiences and give advice;
  • provide information on a wide range of topics that relate to piano teachers.

Supporting and connecting virtually with each other is the only way forward. Let's all be part of the solution to this crisis. We need your support to make this as helpful as possible to the piano teaching community.

How you can get the best info:

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