Q+A Ep 40 Part 1 Whole Body Learning Revolution

Sep 02, 2021


Show Notes

Episode 40: Part 1 Whole Body Learning Revolution

 Piano teachers who have tried out Whole Body Learning share their experiences with Gillian Erskine. Paul Myatt fills in for Gillian as host and interviews podcaster and piano teacher, Leila Viss.

Meet teachers who are using Whole Body Learning in their studio. See their teachers in action and hear real-life stories of students who are engaged and motivated to practice and learn.

0:06 Welcome & Join the Whole Body Learning Kickstarter week:
1:30 The Whole Body Learning Revolution
4:25 Video of Piano teacher and student doing Whole Body Learning
4:57 Student playing piano
7:54 Dorothy Chia shares her experience of teaching using Whole Body Learning
9:40 Qi Chen shares how she learned to play piano using the traditional approach
10:44 Video of a Piano student using Whole Body Learning
11:50 Qi Chen shared how she switched to teaching piano from Engineering degree
13:00 Video of Piano Student doing Whole Body Learning Approach
22:00 How Whole Body Learning accelerates the learning process
22:05 Video of Roya with the “movement” and “percussion” instruments
22:50 The differences Roya noticed when using the Whole Body Learning approach and
The traditional way of teaching
25:50 With guest, podcaster and piano teacher, Leila Viss https://www.leilaviss.com/


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