Show Notes

EPISODE 34: Teaching Piano Students with Learning Difficulties

00:00 Welcome
00:32 Join the Accelerated Success Challenge it's free.
02:12 Paul Myatt shares his experience of teaching special needs students.
04:20 Shauna Hunter (Canada) shares her experience of using Whole Body Learning with learning challenged students.
06:29 The widespread nature of learning challenged students
07:38 Dr Erin Parkes (Lotus Centre, Canada) shares her experience of both as a parent of a special needs child and the founder of the charity, The Lotus Centre for students with special needs. The Lotus Centre also offers courses and webinars, check them out here.
11:32 30% of the population has some sort of learning challenge - really???
14:32 Strategies to help a child who may be undiagnosed.
19:46 Caryn Eastman shares her tool kit from her experience of many years of teaching. Caryn offers mentoring to piano teachers for individual help with Special Needs students. Contact Caryn here.
20:58 ADHD Students
25:12 Music Therapist, Ashlee Hughes shares her experience as a mom of a special needs child and running a music school (Beachside Music Lessons & Therapy) tailored to special needs students and music therapy. Find out how Ashlee helps teachers in her consulting with teachers here.
26:47 How to help your students who may have special needs.
28:50 Why singing is so important to engage the brain.
29:55 The importance of singing & movement for special needs students.
32:00 Paul shares his experience of teaching a dyslexic student.
34:10 Alison Simpson shares her experience of having dyslexia and how she was diagnosed and many of the traits of students with dyslexia.
39:25 A glimpse of Part 2 of Teaching Piano Students with Learning Difficulties with Clinical Psychologist, Lydia Meem. Available to watch at Check out Lydia's website called Autism Understanding here.
41:26 Thank you to our guests
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