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The Power of Why & Getting to 1000 students 

Find out what education specialist, Dr Carol Richards' research says about how most teachers teach. David Statham set out to have the best music school he could create, 1,000 students was a wonderful bi-product & Glory St Germain shares her Power of Why anthology & Global Piano Teacher Summit.

Ep 31 Show & Notes
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Whole Body Learning in Action 

Heather Smith, Sophie Fredericks and others share their experiences from teaching Whole Body Learning in their studios.

Ep 30 Show & Notes
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Neuroscience and Music Pedagogy 

Dr Robyn Staveley shares key insights from her PhD on neuroscience and music pedagogy. Learn how to keep your students excited and engaged through science!

Ep 29 Show & Notes
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Making Mozart Fun! 

A Masterclass with Gillian Erskine and Paul Myatt on engaging students through Whole Body Learning and multi-sensory teaching strategies. 

Ep 28 Show & Notes
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How to Make Practice Fun

This episode has lots of tips to get your students enjoying practice in the new school year. Featuring Lucinda Mackworth-Young, Gillian Erskine and Paul Myatt

Ep 27 Show & Notes
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Improve Your Online Teaching

This special features some of your favourite past panelists sharing their tips on online teaching. Learn about microphones, software and practical strategies.

Ep 26 Show & Notes
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Creating Entertaining Lessons 

In the first of our festive season series,  featured panellists Brian Chung, Dorla Aparicio, Katie Poli and Josie Thomas share entertaining tips for teachers.

Ep 25 Show & Notes
Rebecca Wilson

Teaching students to read with confidence.

New Zealander Rebecca Wilson shares how she helps her students learn to read using fun & educationally and pedagogically sound strategies. 

Ep 24 Show & Notes
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Tenacity, Lockdowns, Duets & wonderful composers

Join Pam Wedgwood, Ruth Alberici & Alison Mathews who share their piano online teaching strategies. Free sheet music and other giveaways. 

Ep 23 Show & Notes
Phillip Keveren

Master Class on teaching creativity 

Composer & arranger, Phillip Keveren joins the show to share easy to implement ideas on how to incorporate improvisation and composition with your students using standrard piano repertoire.

Ep 22 Show & Notes
Heather Smith, Christopher Norton, Elise Beckett Russell

Improv, Composition & Managing your Studio

Join us and explore creativity with Christopher Norton, an exam system that fosters music skills with Elise Beckett-Russell and managing your studio with Heather Smith

Ep 21 Show & Notes
Dorla Aparicie, Katie Poli, Paul Myatt, Gillian Erskine

Group Teaching & Holiday/Vacation Camps

Dorla Aparicio & Katie Poli share piano teaching strategies for group teaching which are fun, ideal for student development and can increase your earning potential.

Ep 20 Show & Notes
Josie Thomas, Peter Simpsons

COVID safe studios & engaging students 

Engaging students in lessons with studio wide challenges and creativity with Josie Thomas. See how Peter Simpson has made his UK based Forte Music School COVID safe .

EP 19 Show & Notes
Brian Chung, Nan Baker Richerson, Brenda Dillon

Recreational Music Making and how it can help your students

An inspirational show about Recreational Music Making & meeting students where they are at, rather than teaching them what we want them to learn. With Brian Chung, Nan Baker Richerson & Brenda Dillon

EP 18 Show & Notes
Whether to do Piano Exams Part 2

To Exam or Not to Exam Part 2 - Continued from last episode

Brilliant guests share their experience in this 2nd part of the Q+A exam special. Guests: Graham Fitch, Samantha Coates, Margaret Grieg, Josie Thomas, Heather Smith, Felicity Moran, Stuart Storer.

EP 17 Show & Notes
To Exam or Not to Exam Part 1

To Exam or Not to Exam Part 1 - Can we teach for exams and keep our students thriving?

Sally Cathcart, Glory St Germain, Graham Fitch, Margaret Grieg, Alison Mathews, Elise Russell, Erica Booker & Elissa Milne weigh into the debate .

EP 16 Show & Notes
Dorothy Chea, Stuart Storer, Leonie Cohen

Getting students to read and memorise

A great panel give insight on gow to get students to read, what examiners looking for and how to get students to memorise pieces. With Dorothy Chia, Stuart Storer & Leonie Cohen.

EP 15 Show & Notes
Jane Shellshear, Gillian Erskine, Paul Myatt, Body Mapping

Body Mapping Technique and how to make scales, chords & lead sheets FUN!

Exploring teaching chords, lead sheets, scales and technical work in an engaging way with Jane Shellshear. A focus on technique using Body Mapping.

EP 14 Show & Notes
Lucinda Mackworth-Young, Mark Matthews, Sharon Mark-Teggart

Motivating students & playing by ear

Join this brilliant panel with Lucinda Mackworth-Young, Mark Matthews & Sharon Mark-Tegget chatting about teaching strategies, playing by ear and composing.

EP 13 Show & Notes
Dennis Alexander, Yolanda Frylink, Michael Power

How to teach in a fun and interesting way 

Discussing teaching strategies with Yolanda Fryling, Michael Power & Dennis Alexander. Meet Miss Doobee & Miss Dontbee demonstrating different teaching strategies. Exploring backing tracks.

EP 12 Show & Notes
Bradley Sowash, Melody Dang, Bradley Eustace

Teaching complex rhythms & using tablets for reading music

Discussing using tablets for reading sheet music, teaching dyslexic students,  difficult rhythms, online whiteboards & more. With Bradley Sowash, Melody Dang & Bradley Eustace. 

EP 11 Show & Notes
Nicola Cantan, Sally Cathcart, Penelope Roskell

Maintaining enthusiasm & how to play effortlessly

Nicola Cantan discusses how to maintain interest and enthusiasm. Penelope Roskell shares her techniques for effortless playing and Sally Cathcart shares ideas on developing musicianship.

EP 10 Show & Notes
Jo Kotchie, Joey Lieber, Rae de Lisle

Improving quality of online lessons & teaching teenagers

Tips from Joey Lieber on avoiding lag in online lessons. Suggestions for developing technique with Rae de Lisle.  Jo Kotchie shares ideas on composing and improvising with teenagers

EP 9 Show & Notes
Sara Campbell, Susan Head, Vanessa Munns

Helping students with anxiety & teaching online and in person

Susan Head shares ideas to help students with anxiety. Vanessa Munns discusses her dual studio with face-to-face and online teaching. Tips for teaching teens with Sara Campbell. 

EP 8 Show & Notes
Glory St Germain, Caryn Eastman, Paula Melville-Clark

Supporting perfectionist and autistic students & how to make your lessons fun!

Perfectionist students, ASD and the Autism spectrum & great software to help with assignments. With Glory St Germain, Caryn Eastman & Paula Melville-Clark

EP 7 Show & Notes
Angela Turner, Kia Leong, Dr Kerry Van

Using puppets & staying connected with technology

Using fun online games and puppets to engage your younger students.  Using Facebook groups to stay connected. FREE Teacher Resource kit! With Angela Turner, Kia Leong & Dr Kerry Van. 

EP 6 Show & Notes
David Statham, Daniel McFarlane, Scott Lam

Pain points of teaching online; advanced students, microphones and more

David Statham discusses microphones. Scott Lam talks using asynchronous format for online lessons. Daniel McFarlane shares games to make it fun!.

EP 5 Show & Notes
Elissa Milne, Therese Milanovic, Helen Perris

The basics of online teaching technology

How to start simple with teaching online. What tech is good? headsets, microphones, software. How to check seating position & pedalling. With elissa Milne, Therese Milanovic & Helen Perris. 

EP 4 Show & Notes
Lynda Irvine, Lyndel Kennedy, Cynthia Delaney

Asynchronous online teaching strategies & teaching younger students 

Lyndel Kennedy discusses asynchronous teaching. Lynda Irvine & Cynthia Delaney share strategies for working with younger students. We visit teachers' online teaching studios from around the world.

EP 3 Show & Notes
Carly McDonald, Samantha Coates, Brenda Hunting

Combatting technical problems when teaching online

Brenda Hunting, Carly McDonald & Samantha Coates share how to combat time lag and avoiding cancellations with online lessons. Updates on COVID-19 solutions from examination boards from around the world.

EP 2 Show & Notes
Bernard Depasquale (AMEB), Anastasia Beuttner-Moore & Tim Topham

How to smoothly transition to online teaching during COVID-19

Three industry experts; Bernard Depasquale, Anastasia Beuttner-Moore & Tim Topham share ideas for covid-19 times and how to move to online lessons. See Show Notes page for extra videos and resources.

EP 1 Show & Notes

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