Q+A Ep 24 Teaching Students to Read with Confidence

Dec 15, 2020

Show Notes

Overview: Episode 24

Where you can find specific answers to your questions in this week's show. There were many deep dives into ideas this week. (timings of the broadcast): 

0:00 Welcome to Rebecca Wilson - Rebecca shares her teaching environment in beautiful Hamilton New Zealand.

11:45 Watch how Rebecca works with 6-year-old student Chloe to check to see  what she knows already and establish her first lesson piano. Storytelling is a key component. Rebecca says “Stories are like Trojan horse” and explains what you mean by that. 

18:00 A Parent shares her experience of her son's lessons in lessons using Whole Body Learning. She shares why she feels he was so engaged and motivated for years in lessons (just completed Grade 6 piano). An interesting discussion about kids who do a full day of school then turn up to a piano lesson after school. Extra information about The Studio now starting 20 March 2021.

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39:50 We have a question from Kathleen Lawler who asks for music teacher idea on… "How to teach a student who keeps forgetting the notes she had previously learned? and What is happening when students can recognize notes on flashcards etc but not within a piece of music?"

43:45 Rachel Soria asked, "iI this system just for piano teachers or is it something a parent can use to teach their own child? How hard is it to teach?"

44:15 Rebecca teacher Chloe some new notes using her stories.

51:00 Lots of questions on the Easy Notes range, packs and materials.


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