Q+A Ep 29 Neuroscience and Music Pedagogy

Feb 17, 2021


Show Notes

EPISODE 29: Using Neuroscience to Engage your piano students.

00:25 Register Now for the Accelerated Success 5 Day Teaching Challenge
00:55 Neuroscience around learning with Dr. Robyn Staveley
02:04 How does our brain learn and the impact of movement on learning?
03:32 Why are the eyes and hands so important in learning?
07:14 Should we incorporate screens and videos in our teaching?
10:54 Away from the piano learning, is that useful?
15:00 How does a Natural Learning Process assist the brain to learn more effectively?
20:14 How does singing connect to understanding music?
24:00 Are all these embodied techniques really the most efficient way to learn and do they reward students more for learning?
27:58 How do we help the students feel like they're playing music, and not just "learning"?
31:18 How can we use group lessons and socialising to help the brain learn?
33:46 What is an Enriched Learning Environment?
40:23 Whole Body Learning; what makes it "brain-friendly"
43:47 How else does the body extend our thinking and learning?
49:44 Send us your questions for next week!
50:45 Watch one of Paul's classes playing Bradley Eustace's Keyboard Ensembles, "In the Hall of Mountain King" - if you like it's available from Blackrock Music Australia or Blackrock Music UK



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