Q+A Ep 38 Collaborative Playing Skills & Creating Duets & Ensembles

Aug 05, 2021

Show Notes

Episode 38 Collaborative Playing Skills & Creating Duets & Ensembles

Paul Myatt shares a Q+A version of his NCKP session called, “Creating multilevel duets and ensembles from standard piano repertoire” which he presented at NCKP 2021: The Piano Conference. This was part of the collaborative playing sessions at NCKP. The NCKP conference is still available online.

Download the Collaborative Playing Pieces & Notes

00:00 Welcome
00:28 How to help students who are often reluctant to play with others and embrace these opportunities rather than shying away from them 
01:20 Today’s show is a Q+A version of Paul’s workshop held last week for NCKP 2021 on Creating Multi-level Duet & Ensembles from standard piano repertoire.
01:37 Paul talks about collaborative playing experience for all piano students and shares some ways to start collaborative playing that are easy and fun piano activities that students will really enjoy. 
02:09 Duets and Ensembles- the bit that everyone sees & what really goes on
02:48 Benefits of Collaborative Playing
04:25 Paul talks about Rhythm ensembles being great opportunities for learning and building foundation collaborative piano lesson ideas
06:08 Benefits of Rhythm Ensembles
07:25 Creating or arranging a duet from standard piano repertoire - elementary/initial/preliminary standard
10:58 More advanced collaborative playing and learning of piano songs for beginners
12:45 Benefits of collaborative playing prior to solos
13:48 Things to remember when creating Duets & Ensembles
15:40 Choosing voices/sounds when writing your own ensemble.
17:34 Write your own ensemble MIRO Board activity - get the details at the show page.
21:45 Creating an ensemble with an intermediate/grade 4 piece
24:40 Using backing tracks as a way to develop collaborative playing and teaching piano lessons
29:03 NCKP 2021 Conference - you can still register and have access to all these amazing ideas.


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