Q+A Ep 39 Teaching Kids with Dyslexia

Aug 19, 2021

Show Notes

Episode 39: Teaching Kids with Dyslexia

Download the 37 Common Traits & 7 Top Teaching Tips for students with Dyslexia.

Anastasia Cunningham is a piano teacher and mum of two grown-up girls. All three have Dyslexia. Anastasia shares her story of being a parent as well as a piano teacher and shares her best teaching strategies for children with dyslexia.

0:05 Welcome
0:50 Overview about Dyslexia
1:30 Remembering and Dyslexia
2:15 Introduction of guest, Anastasia Cunningham
2:48 Can you tell us how your story started?
6:10 Dyslexia and Reading
6:45 Dyslexia and Labeling
7:40 Dyslexia and Creativity
9:20 How does your brain work with decoding?
11:18 Dyslexia may be very different for each person
12:43 Processing speed is often key
15:30 Dyslexia and coping
18:10 Keep things simple and keep re-visiting them.
19:00 Don’t interpret poor memory as lack of interest
19:30 Multi-sensory approaches are the key to success (eg. Whole Body Learning)
20:30 Don’t give up on note reading. It may take a bit longer but they can learn it
27:25 More general tips for students with dyslexia
29:20 Explain to parents what you notice rather than judge
37:00 Dyslexic are often navigators
39:05 Dyslexic people have really good ears, don’t they?


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