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Thursday 2 April Panel

EPISODE 1: Transitioning to online teaching - how to get help
Bernard Depasquale (CEO AMEB), 
Anastasia Beuttner-Moore (WA Piano Teacher & Wellness Expert) and 
Tim Topham (Top Music Podcast).

Resources from TODAY's episode

From Tim Topham:

Videos to watch:
5 Quick Tips for Producing Video Piano Lessons

How to setup and use Zoom for online music lessons

3 ways to connect overhead cameras in music lessons

From Bernard & the AMEB:

Free Theory of Music Courses

Helpful resources for teaching online

Break The Isolation: A webinar series hosted by AMEB
Ep 1. Teaching Online with Rosanne Hammer

Ep 2. Teaching Online – Getting Started with Emily Laney

From Anastasia:

Getting started with online teaching
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Thursday, 9 April Panel

EPISODE 2: What works for different levels
Carly McDonald (Piano Adventures Ambassador & music school owner), 
Samantha Coates (Blitz Books author) and 
Brenda Hunting (Experienced Online Piano & Taubmann Teacher). 
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