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Interviews in full with Penelope Roskell & Sally Cathcart


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Overview: Episode 10

Where you can find specific answers to your questions in this week's show. There were some deep dives into topics this week. (timings of the broadcast):

00:00 Welcome to our guests
01:10 A look at each of the panel members' set up Sally Cathcart, Nicola Cantan & Penelope Roskell

12:00 Q: I have an 11 year old beginner who I have introduced to Get Set Piano alongside  Piano Safari pieces and techniques, rhythm, notation and sightreading card games. He loves it all! Every week he returns online he is well-practiced and perfected pieces I have given him. We are coming to the end of book 1 and I wondered if moving onto Get Set book 2 is just going to be too easy and worried he will lose interest. Could you suggest a pathway I could go down to maintain his interest and enthusiasm, please?

16:34 Musicianship and a musician's skill set video:
Do you have students around Grade 1 or late elementary level? In this episode we included a video teaching guide of how to teach Theme by Thomas Attwood using Whole Body Learning strategies. We've created a unit of work in the Piano Teaching Success Facebook Group so you'll always have access to the guides. Not in the Facebook group, join now. Also we've created a Teaching Pack with studio licensed sheet music, lead sheets with lyrics, interactive multi-speed backing tracks and a heap of other downloadables for just £3/€3.5/US$4/AU$5 (we understand you want to pay in your own currency, we do too!)
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21:45 Q: I would like to know what sort of games/activities teachers are using to help engage the students. I’ve been using  clap-backs and playbacks (keeping it nice and simple, like always starting on middle C and they play back) I was wondering if there was anything else that doesn’t require me being able to use the fancy features on the computer to play with.

28:07 Q: I dont teach for exams but I do want my students to have a good technique. I’m worried that teaching scales, exercises and studies will be too boring, they won't practice and will lose interest. What do you suggest?

31:45 Interview with Penelope Roskell on common technical issues that can be easily fixed.

37:30 Q: How to get students to curl their fingers. 
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44:00 Q: When it comes to piano teaching, what is your single greatest challenge - please let us know so that we can 

45:50 Free online teaching resource Brag Tags get them here.

48:00 Q: My students often get to a certain point and just don't move forward. What can I do?

51:32 Sally shares about developing musicians and her books that help this.

54:20 Sally chats to Paul about her inspiration about her books. You can get Sally's books

56:04 Great gifts and offers from our panel: 
1 month free from the Curious Piano Teachers:
$1 for a 1 week trial with Nicola Cantan's Vibrant Music Teachers

59:10 The panel next week: Bradley Sowash, Melody Deng & Brad Eustace

60:00 Beautiful and effortless playing of Penelope Roskell as she shows us what healthy piano playing looks and sounds with a snippet of the Chopin Ballade no.3 in Ab major.

Thursday 11 June Panel
back at our usual time.

EPISODE 11: Creative teaching from beginners to advanced
Back at 11am AEST we are very excited to welcome another three wonderful piano teachers...

Bradley Eustace
 Brad is a dynamic musician, composer, publisher & music technologist. He also works closely with technology, exploring the composing and performance. He is the author of several books and develops software for music teachers.

Bradley Sowash is a jazz pianist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, author, and educator best known for his innovative live online group jazz piano classes and widely-acclaimed keyboard improvisation books.

Melody Deng Melody is a pianist, international presenter, adjudicator, and a passionate piano educator from NZ. She specialises using effective pedagogical approaches to motivate students, and to play expressively..
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