Show Notes

Want to see the broken chord teaching segment again?


Overview: Episode 14

Where you can find specific answers to your questions in this week's show. There were many deep dives into topics this week. (timings of the broadcast):

00:00 Welcome to our guests

02:51 The 3 main challenges for practice.

04:20 Solving some of the practice issues

05:35 Getting kids to practice scales

05:30 How backing tracks helps to solve practice issues

07:50 Building critical listening skills

08:50 Using backing tracks when you can't teach face to face

10:40 Building intrinsic motivation

11:50 Beating the boredom of practice

13:05 Game-based learning and off the bench movement activities

16:30 Paul's frustration which created Practice Buddy

18:35 Teaching Broken Chords

24:00 Chords and moving towards playing with lead sheets

28:10 Lead sheets starter Kit
35:30 Where did Body Mapping come from?

37:50 How to get started with Body Mapping why it is so simple to use and relatable for students of all ages.

48:48 Paul shares how he implemented Body Mapping with his students

53:01 An example of teaching after using Body Mapping with students

54:20 How to incorporate body mapping technical ideas with beginners using Piano Adventures Primer

58:15 - Sit & Move cushion for developing awareness in your student. Available from Sensory Tools

63:01 Next weeks panel, Dorothy Chia from Singapore, Stuart Storer & Leonie Cohen from Australia

Download this episodes gifts: Jane Shellshear's drawing pack for students to understand their body better when playing. Check out the full interview with Jane here.