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Overview: Episode 19

Where you can find specific answers to your questions in this week's show. There were many deep dives into topics this week. (timings of the broadcast):

00:00 Welcome to our guests

01:48 Josie shares her studio and speaks about her puppets.

04:43 Peter takes you on a tour of his studio so that you can see his COVIDsafe strategies that meet government regulations.

11:09 Josie shares what she does with her students when most of them are not working towards an exam.

13:48 Planet, Dragon & Pirate charts and speaks about creating an enriched learning environment

19:00 Christmas is right around the corner and Blackrock Music has a great Christmas Pack just for piano teachers which includes: 16 Studio Licensed Christmas Carols, Printable: Songsheets, Invitations, Certificates, Program and even recipes.
24:50 When looking at our greatest challenges in teaching piano many teachers say “teaching creativity” and the stuff we weren’t taught. For many of us, creativity and composing are a bit of a mystery. Peter speaks about his music school.

31:20 Josie shares how she teaches "creativity".

33:28 Starting off with creativity, how to teach chords.

36:30 Josie shares her book "Sounds Magic" and including her reading a couple of pages of prose with the beautiful artwork. Josie is offering a 50% discount to Q+A Viewers when you purchase from her website. She will send it anywhere in the world. Alternatively, her book can be found on Amazon, Booktopia, or Book Depository.

44:00 Keeping with the theme of Creativity, Paul is going to share some creative teaching strategies for what could otherwise be a bit of a boring piece, called "The Echo" by Thomas Oesten, an ABRSM Grade 1 piece. Paul shares the Whole Body Learning techniques that are both fun and pedagogically sound as well as considered to be the most "brain-developing" way to teach due to the multi-modal learning opportunities. These are the learning opportunities that are open to teachers in the soon to be released as part of "The Studio" by Piano Teaching Success.

47:15 Members of the Piano Teaching Success Facebook Group were invited to share their thoughts on what advice you would give a beginning teacher. Josie shares her suggestions.

51:00 EPTA - The European Piano Teachers' Association magazine and an interview with the chairman, Dr Murrary McLachlan about the benefits of membership.

60:10 Next show in 2 weeks, with inspirational panelists: Dorla Aparicio from the USA and Katie Poli from Australia. 
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