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Overview for Episode 3

Where you can find specific answers to your questions in the this weeks show (timings in the broadcast):

04:00 Presenters studio set up & how sharing their strategies for surviving the online teaching experience

16:30 Lyndel shares her studio set up where she does asynchronous teaching

18:25 Using an above camera and multi-cams on your computer - using OBS, Manycam

22:30 Video example of asynchronous teaching and explanation

28:50 Examples of teachers' studios from around the world

34:15 A video example set up from Peter Simpson in Kent

36:50 Am I still permitted to teach Face-to-face. A lawyer gives their opinion then based on Stage 3 limitations.

41:00 The panel share their views on face-to-face teaching at this time.

46:40 Angel McIntosh who runs the 500 student Forte School of Music Stafford shares her strategies for working with children during this time. Some great advice.

50:00 Bringing on new students during this time, the panel gives their suggestions for establishing rapport, etc?

55:00 Lynda has created some resources that she is offering to teachers. Free downloads, see below.

56:45 Lyndel shares that she is offering teachers to trial her creativity resource free in April.

61:35 Next weeks panel

With the compliments of our presenters:

Go to Lynda's website to get your free downlaods
Go to Lyndel's Innermusician to organise your trial.

Thursday 23 April Panel

EPISODE 4: Term 2 What you can do now?
Elissa Milne Composer, piano teacher & creator of "Art of Pedagogy" & "Australasian Piano Teacher" Facebook Groups.
Dr Therese Milanovic Local & international performer and teacher. Master Taubman teacher and Faculty with the Golandsky Institute USA..
Helen Perris who specialises in classical and contemporary piano & vocal tuition particularly pop & musical Theatre, composing & songwriting.
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