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EPISODE 32: Teaching Technique to Beginners

00:00 Welcome to our guests, Dr Rae de Lisle & Melody Deng each sharing their journey to the development of the Fit 4 Piano book.
08:40 Glory speaks to Paul about the new book, The Power of Why - the first in a series of anthologies from musicians and teachers from around the world sharing their "why?". You can pre-order your copy here.
12:15 Rae answers, "How do we know where to start with good technique?"
17:21 Melody shares her experience of using Fit 4 Piano with beginners.
18:45 Using the technique of "falling" on to the piano key.
23:56 Joint support and collapsed knuckles.
28:20 Applying the technique to Bach's Minuet in G
29:00 Teaching staccato technique
33:50 Working with more advanced repertoire on staccato
35:29 Annette from Singapore's question: "How do you teach a student who has right and left hand coordination problems?"
37:56 Diane Ellerton asked, "When playing music that involves hands crossed over, which hand should should play over the top of the other hand?"
40:00 Seating position and sit bones. Jane Shellshear's Master Class from Q+A Episode 14 would be helpful.
41:55 Teaching two note slurs
45:45 More on advanced legato playing
48:30 How to teach "Rotation" effectively
52:00 Teaching advanced rotation
56:12 The difference versions of Fit 4 Piano book
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61:15 Rae demonstrates the techniques from the Grade 4 piece "Sonatina in A" by Georg Benda.
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