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EPISODE 33: Teaching Duets & Keyboard Ensembles

00:00 Welcome
01:09 An example keyboard ensemble: Royal March of the Lions (see the sheet music)
01:47 Benefits of ensembles
09:25 Dora's has multi-level ensembles see Episode 20 
09:40 Beginner ensemble in action
12:12 How to include duets & ensembles in private or 1 on 1 lessons.
13:00 Social bonding
14:00 Grade 4 exam piece as an ensemble
16:20 Costume examples for ensembles
17:10 Creating an ensemble from an existing piece
20:38 Rhythmic stability in collaborative playing
22:05 Making your own duet from any piece
23:10 Harmony is the starting point. Some suggestions on how
24:05 Deciding which parts go where & how to keep rhythmic stability
28:25 The importance of the Circle of 5ths understanding & harmony
31:00 The Challenge is on again in June.
31:30 Creating an interesting and simple duet with Hot Cross Buns
33:00 Hot Cross Buns duet
34:00 Minuet in G ensemble (see the sheet music)
36:17 Power of Why
40:00 In the Hall of the Mountain King Ensemble (see the sheet music)
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