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Music from this episode

Follow Bas Buwalda on Instagram (@bjjbuwalda), here his other performances. In this episode we heard Talk is Cheap by Chet Faker with Jaime Chew @jaimechew_cy

Dr Therese Milanovic has provided information for Online Piano Teachers and a free introduction to the Taubman Approach video which you can access here.

Information from Dr Therese Milanovic (Master Taubman Teacher)

Would you like to share your set up?


Overview for Episode 4

Where you can find specific answers to your questions in this weeks show (timings in the broadcast):

00:00 Welcome to our guests
02:40 A look at each of the panel members' set up - Elissa's set up
03:50 Helen's set up
08:40 Therese's set up
13:25 What advice for a very simple start online - including some good tech
- Headsets, Microphones and other software - all links are below.
22:00 Our favourite resources for online tech from many different people around the world.
26:20 When do you think we will get back to face-to-face teaching?
29:30 Elissa's microphone
30:20 What have you found are the positives of teaching in this new way?
33:40 What do you think the experience of video lessons will give to teachers when they return to face-to-face lessons?
38:10 Andrew from Kawai offers the Kawai Australia solution for keeping pianos clean. Including a little excerpt from Michael Dooley's ROCKATTA, see the link below for access to the sheet music.
42:10 P-Plate Piano entries with the AMEB
42:50 Elissa Milne's Emergency Bundle for piano teachers
48:10 Elissa demonstrates her mic by playing one of the Emergency Bundle pieces on her piano
49:00 Therese offers suggestions on checking a student's alignment and balance using online lessons including seat height, arm/hand position, pedalling, etc
52:10 Helen shares vocal warmups, tips and tricks to get ready for teaching online.
57:20 Next weeks panel
58:25 A student who started with Paul at the age of 3, now 15 years old, Bas Buwalda and his friend, Jaime on Cello, perform Chet Faker's "Talk is Cheap"
LINKS to WEBSITES mentioned in Q+A
Our Favourite Resources


The software that Elissa uses to teach with.

Jabra Headsets
A similar headset to Helen's:

RODE Podcaster Mic -
Mike Dooley, who wrote Rockatta that Andrew played in his interview about cleaning pianos, is offering 20% off this work during this crisis. Use the coupon code:


to receive 20% off the price.

Available at Blackrock Music.

Get your copy of ROCKATTA now with 20% off
Elissa's Emergency Bundle Check it out here

Thursday 30 April Panel

EPISODE 5: Keeping your students engaged?
3 gentlemen who run very different studios ...
David Statham: Piano teacher/performer and owner Forte School of Music Canning Vale in Perth which has over 900 students.
Daniel McFarlane: Piano teacher and composer/creator of Supersonics Piano.
Scott Lam: Piano Teacher and winner of the AMEB Teaching Shield for excellence in teaching piano.
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