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Show Notes

Angela Turner, Dr Kerry Vann and Kia Leong were a brilliant panel offering some very useful suggestions for working with students from beginner through to advanced as well as individual and class lessons.

This week, we have launched a free service to teachers called Online Lessons Teacher Resource Kit which accompanies the Online Lesson Resource page we created several weeks ago. The kit includes a heap of printable downloads in A4 & US Letter size: 64 flashcards, 2 & 3 paper keyboards, 1, 2, 6 & 12 stave manuscript paper and a template to download to start your student communication strategy using Google Sheets. You can access the Teacher Resource Kit here.

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Overview for Episode 6

Where you can find specific answers to your questions in this weeks show (timings in the broadcast):

00:00 Welcome to our guests
02:40 A look at each of the panel members' set up Dr Kerry Vann
07:10 Angela's studio set up including using Many Cam, different microphones
12:00 Kia shares her experience of taking a music school of 700 students completely online.
18:50 Facebook groups for students
21:45 Using puppets in your teaching
23:50 Engaging 5-year-olds, fun games to play online, any many more ideas
29:30 Notation, Symbols, Note Names, Rhythms, etc - 64 flashcards from the free Online Lesson Teacher Resource Kits - available at Piano Teaching Success
31:50 Preparing students for exams and developing the technique for a high level of performance, sight reading, aural tests and all the requirements for advanced playing.
35:35 As musicians we are trained to listen, how Kerry has developed listening in her studio
37:35 Mindset: don't give your students a choice, tell them what you want them to do using positive attitude, being upbeat, and not giving a choice. Frame a choice as a direction rather than a question.
39:00 More on exams, online versus face-to-face exams
41:10 Angela shares working on fine detail in preparation for exams & performances
44:10 Communicating with your students how you want them to set up their home lesson space
45:50 Angela answers a question about her series Exploring Preliminary and a discussion around the use of the sustain pedal and younger students
48:00 Joining the Piano Teaching Success Facebook Group
49:00 Microphone testing and models - Angela's video is in the Clever Cats sections of the Online Teacher Resource page on PTS.
51:00 Angela shares her top 3 tips for getting the best sound on Zoom
53:30 Communicating with students having online lessons + a Google docs suggestion which is part of the Online Lessons Teacher Resource Kits
58:00 Next week's panel
59:00 "Rockatta" a performance by Andrew Rumsey of a piece by Australian composer, Michael Dooley. The sheet music for this work is available from Blackrock Music in Australia & the UK.
Get your copy of the free Online Lessons Teacher Resource Kit which includes: 64 flashcards, 1, 2, 6, & 12 stave manuscript, 2 & 3 octave paper keyboards and a Google Sheet template for student communication. Available here.


by Michael Dooley
Mike Dooley has offered 20% off the sheet music of Rockatta for Q+A watching piano teachers. What an amazing piece for a diploma programme or as an encore in a recital program. Use the coupon code:


to receive 20% off the price at Blackrock Music Australia and Blackrock Music UK.

Thursday 14 May Panel

EPISODE 7: Working with students with special needs & teaching ideas from around the world
3 highly experienced teachers...
Glory St. Germain
 joins us all the way from Canada. We’re so excited to have Glory share what she is doing in her Winnipeg studio and especially what she’s been doing with her theory classes. Glory is known throughout the world for her work in training teachers and especially for her work in teaching theory AND she just might tell us about her latest course that she is working on right now.
Paula Melville Clark will be joining us from her busy studio in Toowoomba where she teaches children from early years through to diploma students. Paula is a pianist, adjudicator and accompanist and has held teaching positions in England, France, and Hong Kong. Paula is well known for her work using the Dalcroze approach.
Caryn Eastman joins us from Booval in Queensland. Caryn is an experienced piano and early childhood music teacher, and also holds a graduate certificate in special needs. Teaching from her home studio and two local schools we are excited to have Caryn share her experience in teaching piano online and to students with autism and other learning needs.
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