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Show Notes

Glory St. Germain, Caryn Eastman and Paula Melville-Clark did some deep dives into this week's topics with a large range of ideas and suggestions for working with students from beginner through to advanced, special needs students and of course returning to face-to-face lessons.

We will be adding to the free service for teachers called the Online Lessons Teacher Resource Kit which accompanies the Online Lesson Resource page.

The kit includes a heap of printable downloads in A4 & US Letter size: 64 flashcards, 2 & 3 paper keyboards, 1, 2, 6 & 12 stave manuscript paper and a template to download to start your student communication strategy using Google Sheets. We'll be adding more materials this coming week, so if you haven't yet registered, you can access the kit here.

Teacher Poll

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I will teach online...

  • As a lesson replacement for sick students to avoid make up requests. 23%
  • I only teach face to face 2%
    If the virus persists 44%
  • Ongoing to expand and extend my studio & offer myself more freedom 30%

How will you be transitioning back to face-to-face teaching

  • I'm already back to face to face teaching 2%
  • I’m going to continue online for the foreseeable future 23%
  • Set a date to return to face to face unless my student wants to continue online 33%
  • Slowly return through both online and face to face 42%

What do you envisage your timing will be to resume face to face teaching?

  • Now 21%
  • June 19%
  • July 26%
  • August 9%
  • September 12%
  • Continuing with online teaching 14%

Would you like to share your set up?


Overview for Episode 7

Where you can find specific answers to your questions in this week's show. There were some deep dives into topics this week. (timings of the broadcast):

00:00 Welcome to our guests
01:35 A look at each of the panel members' set up Glory St. Germain, Paula Melville-Clark & Caryn Eastman
06:30 Transitioning back to face to face lessons
11:30 A physically distancing face to face studio.
14:00 We've added more items for Online Lesson Teacher Resource Kits - available at Piano Teaching Success 
15:45 Polling teachers about what you're doing from here - feel free to complete the poll on the notes page
16:50 The panel share what they are doing as the current Covid19 issues reduce
21:50 Dealing with perfectionist students and avoiding developing anxiety disorders and what are ASD and the Autism spectrum
28:30 What to do with a student with Aspergers in terms of overcoming fears of performing
30:00 Overing performance for any student anxierties - great ideas
34:15 Innovative performance options for students during this time - some amazing suggestions
37:00 Lesson communication strategy for teachers to students by Lesson Mate. ( 
41:30 Poll Results
42:20 Dealing with children who are very attached to parents even at 11 years of age
45:50 Top 10 list of fun ideas for keeping students engaged in an online lesson
50:45 Paula shares her experience of teaching in a Dalcroze style online
54:00 Glory's Teach Music Theory Online Using Zoom Webinar
54:30 Next week's panel
Get your copy of the free Online Lessons Teacher Resource Kit which includes: 64 flashcards, 1, 2, 6, & 12 stave manuscript, 2 & 3 octave paper keyboards and a Google Sheet template for student communication. Available here.

Thursday 21 May Panel

EPISODE 8: From the west to the US ... how are we moving forward and creative teaching ideas?
3 highly experienced teachers...
What a varied panel of experts coming up on 21 May 2020.
Sara Campbell
 is a teacher of voice, piano and theory in the USA. Her studio is full! Not just a piano teacher, Sara spends a great deal of her time helping other teachers develop their studios to maximise their students' progress and enhance their own studios.
Susan Head is a teacher of practical and creative music, She uses contemporary and classical methods to help nurture and develop performers at all levels. She is a well-known presenter in Australia using Orff and Whole Body Music Learning.
Vanessa Munns is an instrumental music teacher located in Beacon a regional town in West Australia. She travels to neighbouring towns and has 65 students from 1 to 75 years old. She specialises in beginner to intermediate musicians.
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