Q+A Ep 36 Clinical Psychologist & Autism Expert & Ideas for Teaching

Jun 30, 2021


EPISODE 36: Teaching Children on the Autism Spectrum & Learning Difficulties

00:00 Welcome to Episode 36
00:23 Course: The Inner Game of Piano Teaching Course with Lucinda Mackworth-Young
01:49 Whole Body Learning Teaching Courses on AMEB Piano for Leisure and ABRSM
1:49 Emotional engagement with your students
03:50 Gillian introduces Lydia
04:05 Who Lydia works with as a Clinical Psychologist - tailoring programs for each individual.
06:00 Lydia shares her own personal experience with her son's learning difficulties.
09:05 Autism Understanding is Lydia's website which has information for teachers.
09:31 Explanations of the range of Learning Difficulties starting with ADHD
17:08 The Autism Spectrum Disorder Umbrella
20:45 Processing challenges & sensory toys
21:55 Sensory seeking and sensitivities 
24:00 Being aware of students needs
26:30 Understanding how students are taking in information and catering for their learning styles 
30:00 The diagnosed & undiagnosed and parents who share and those that don't
31:21: Key teaching strategies for all Learning Difficulties
32:00 Predictability and using a visual piano lesson activities
33:45 Using movement and percussion instruments
34:26 Teaching non-verbal students
36:00 Back to basic musical skills and piano resources
37:36 How singing can be very important
39:00 Use of video & YouTube
39:49 Your teaching piano environment
40:49 Noticing how your student is reacting
42:45 Building a routine in your lessons
43:15 Using teaching strategies for kids with learning disabilities will mostly be appropriate for all students
44:30 Being aware of the number of verbal instructions used in lessons
49:05 Multi-sensory and multi-modal learning and how it assists all students
51:00 Attention span and concentration
53:03 Finger join hypermobility toys
55:00 "Fit for Piano" & hypermobility development from Rae de Lisle - Q+A Episode 32
55:40 Hand strength hypermobility - The TARDIS
56:52 Pencil grips for writing theory
58:15 Building self-confidence
59:05 Egg timers and other visual timers
60:41 Posture for seating & pressure/weighted blankets, etc (Special Needs Australia) (Special Needs Directory USA) (Special Needs Resources UK)
65:08 Finger dexterity and pattern identification games
67:15 Visual piano lesson plan and the benefits to students
68:00 Thanks Lydia

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