Show Notes

EPISODE 27: The Back to School Special

00:00 Welcome to the back to school special. 

01:18 Paul and Gillian discuss the 3 main challenges for practice and introduce some methods to solve these issues.

04:35 Using backing tracks to help to solve practice problems, including how they can help beginners, online teachers and build intrinsic motivation.  

10:50  How to beat the boredom of practise through game-based learning and off the bench movement activities. 

15:47 How Practise Buddy by Piano Teaching Success came to life, through frustrations that Paul and Gillian have experienced in their teaching.  

17:20 How to teach Broken Chords 

22:35 How to teach chords and progressing into lead sheets

27:04 Lead sheet starter pack, which you can buy here from Blackrock Music Shop. Q+A Episode 14

32:09 Lucinda Mackworth-Young shares her great strategies on how to teach students to play by ear. Read her book, Piano By Ear here. Q+A Episode 13

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