Show Notes


Overview: Episode 25

Here's the specific timings in this week's show:

00:00 Happy Festive Season from Gillian and Paul and a little musical tribute. 

03:45 Josie Thomas on student challenges using Planet, Dragon and Pirate charts. From Q+A TV Episode 19

11:25 Dorla Aparicio expands on cross-curriculum with Piano Camps which are called Flip the Lid. Under the Sea and STEM - combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with piano - you won’t want to miss seeing how much fun Dorla’s student are having. Check out Q+A TV Episode 20

16:32 Taking pool noodles tot he next level. Aussie's know all about these and they're just as much fun the world over. Katie Poli shares her secret resource that will be fo much fun in your studio. Q+A TV Episode 20

19:15 Brian Chung shares his wonderful ideas on getting more people playing the piano. If it's going to be, it's up to me or us to make that happen. Check out Recreational Music Making and the Golden Quadrant as Brian shares his ideas and a pertinent reference to soccer (what??? Socker???) From Q+A Episode 18

30:11 Merry Christmas from Gillian and Paul at Piano Teaching Success 
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